Empowering you and your body to find common ground

Nurture your body-mind connection with weight-inclusive and trauma-informed virtual mental health therapy.

Diet culture and eating disorders can play mind games, filling our heads with untruths that keep us trapped in self-doubt and mental distress.

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Working with us means having a safe space to:

  • Processing feelings about diet culture BS
  • Build self-worth and self-esteem
  • Find liberation in your body, regardless of your size
  • Finally come home to your true self

Remember that eating disorders don't define your worth - your true value lies in your uniqueness, resilience, and the love and support you have to offer yourself and others.

Let's free up that mental real estate dedicated to shrinking yourself and start celebrating the fact that you're worthy of taking up space

Talk or Art Therapy

We offer individualized talk and art therapy for mental health where we unpack your relationship with food and your body, debunk diet culture myths, and help you finally feel at peace with yourself.

Our therapist, Jenna, is dually trained in traditional talk and art therapy methods and is available to provide either service individually, or an integrated approach using both creative and traditional methods.

If it sounds like you're picking up what we're putting down, here's what you can expect: 

  • individualized and collaborative treatment to meet your needs, in whichever stage of life you're in
  • unwavering support when the going gets tough
  • a gentle out-stretched hand that's ready to be your advocate in your recovery
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Talk Therapy

Jenna believes in the power of equal parts change and acceptance in the therapeutic process and utilizes an empathy-based, person centered approach while simultaneously assisting clients with the identification and practice of change techniques to address unhelpful behavior.

She practices from a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and psychodynamic framework, holding the balance of validation and skills training while focusing on emotional underpinnings and insight development.

Her approach to a therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process involving discovery and exploration in which the therapist acts not as a leader or pilot, but as a supportive companion walking alongside her clients throughout their individual journeys.

Art Therapy

Art making has long been used to make sense of internal and external worlds. When words can feel threatening, heavy, or unidentifiable, images can often provide safety, shelter, and exploration.

Art therapy is the incorporation of art making methods in the therapeutic process to aid in self expression, self discovery, and development of self-awareness.

Art therapy serves a variety of functions, including safe externalization and communication of difficult feeling, exploration through the creation process, and a means of coping with emotional distress.

As an art therapist, Jenna believes in the power of the process and the product, guiding clients through the art making process using an array of materials and methods, then facilitating exploration of artwork to aid in identifying meaning and healing. 

We know this feels daunting, but we've got your back. Through talk and/or art therapy services, you'll learn: 

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how to tune into yourself and recognize your body's cues

eating disorder nutrition therapy services pennsylvania

tools that you can help you process past trauma in a safe space

eating disorder nutrition therapy services pennsylvania

resources for building self worth so you never feel alone

It's time to come home to yourself, and to finally be free from diet culture stress and the eating disorder's rules.

How it all works

1. Schedule your discovery call

Here we'll chat for 15 minutes about why you reached out and how we can best support you.

2. Schedule your first session

After your discovery call, your clinician will reach out to schedule your first session with them.

3. Complete intake forms

This only takes about 10-15 minutes long to help us learn more about you and get important information to get started.

4. Attend your first session

The first session will ask a lot of background questions - we can't wait to get to know you!

5. Attend follow-ups

The bulk of where the emotional work comes in. Session frequency is determined by what you and your clinician feel is best.

it's so nice to meet you

Meet your therapist

Hi! I’m Jenna (she/her), a therapist, art therapist, and body inclusivity advocate.

I believe in the power of finding and embracing your unique, individual identity, and look forward to helping you cultivate and embrace your narrative and distinctive life worth living. I am excited to be a part of your wellness journey!​

Through storytelling and art making, I can help you find inner peace and learn to express and embrace both the light and difficult parts of yourself.

Our hope is that your relationship with your mind and body becomes easier and freer, and you find your own soft place to land.

Jenna Therapist Pennsylvania

Pricing and Insurance Information

All mental health therapy services are self-pay.

We can provide you with a superbill if you would like to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

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