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Speaking Requests

A Soft Place to Land collaborates with practitioners, schools, and businesses who share the drive to dismantle diet culture and/or who wish to advance their knowledge in eating disorder treatment, anti-fat bias, and trauma-informed care.

Possible speaking topics include:

  • Trauma informed care
  • Weight-inclusive eating disorder care
  • Body image care
  • LGTBQIA+ affirming care
  • Fat positive care
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Continuing Education for Clinicians

"Making an Impact: How Dietitians Can Practice Through a Weight Inclusive Lens" is an online presentation (pending CEUs) that outlines the physiological and psychological effects of weight stigma, macro and microaggressions in healthcare towards those in fat bodies, how to incorporate trauma-informed care into your practice, and tangible ways to make your practice a safe space for all bodies.

This presentation is a good fit if you are an RD who wants to learn more about weight-inclusivity or already adopts weight-inclusive practices and wants a better understanding of how we, as RDs, can step out of our traditional "fix-it" mentality and into a trauma-informed counseling role.

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Meet your weight inclusive, trauma informed recovery team: your dietitian/therapy combo that will support you through whichever journey you're on.

We love working with clients who struggle with their relationship with food and body by creating a compassionate space of curiosity to unpack big feelings.

We offer individualized nutrition therapy, talk therapy, and art therapy for you to choose from to create the support system that you can thrive in.

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