It's time for you and your body to be on the same team

Heal your relationship with food and reconnect to your body through weight-inclusive and trauma-informed virtual nutrition therapy.

Diet culture has fed us so many lies that are designed to keep us unhappy with ourselves.

Working with us means having a safe space to:

  • Unpack the diet culture BS
  • Rebuild a relationship with food that feels good
  • Find liberation in your body, regardless of your size
  • Finally come home to your true self

Remember that 95% of diets fail...this means that the diet failed YOU. Not the other way around!

We know too much brain space has been dedicated to trying to make yourself smaller - it's time to recognize that you deserve to take up space!

Nutrition Therapy

We offer individualized nutrition counseling where we unpack your relationship with food and your body, debunk diet culture myths, and help you finally feel at peace with yourself.

If it sounds like you're picking up what we're putting down, here's what you can expect: 

  • individualized and collaborative treatment to meet your needs, in whichever stage of life you're in
  • unwavering support when the going gets tough
  • a gentle out-stretched hand that's ready to be your advocate in your recovery

We know this feels daunting, but we've got your back. Through nutrition therapy services, you'll learn: 

eating disorder nutrition therapy services pennsylvania

how to tune into yourself and recognize your body's cues

eating disorder nutrition therapy services pennsylvania

tools that you can add to your self care toolbox for everyday concerns

eating disorder nutrition therapy services pennsylvania

resources for support outside of sessions so you never feel alone

It's time to come home to yourself, and to finally be free from diet culture stress and the eating disorder's rules.

a soft place to land nutrition pennsylvania

you deserve to take care of yourself

It's time for you to have a team of clinicians who have your back and who are rooted in weight-inclusive, social justice, and fat-positive philosophies.

We know that this work is vulnerable, AND you can do hard things.

How it all works

1. Schedule your discovery call

Here we'll chat for 15 minutes about why you reached out and how we can best support you.

2. Schedule your first session

After your discovery call, your clinician will reach out to schedule your first session with them.

3. Complete intake forms

This only takes about 10-15 minutes long to help us learn more about you and get important information to get started.

4. Attend your first session

The first session will ask a lot of background questions - we can't wait to get to know you!

5. Attend follow-ups

The bulk of where the emotional work comes in. Session frequency is determined by what you and your clinician feel is best.

it's so nice to meet you

Meet your dietitians

We know how it feels to be so unhappy and confused with your relationship with food and your body. Diet culture is DESIGNED to make us feel crazy! 

A space where you can find both therapy and nutrition counseling offers a unique way to prioritize your recovery.

Our hope is that your relationship with food becomes easier, your relationship with your body becomes freer, and you find your own soft place to land.

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Pricing and Insurance Information

Insurances accepted

Please note: we are not in network with Capital Blue Cross or Independence Blue Cross.

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