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Clients we can support

From age 14+ years and older

  • Those with an eating disorder/disordered eating
  • Anyone wanting to explore being an intuitive eater
  • Those that have experienced trauma and/or have dual diagnoses
  • Those who are looking for body image care
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Our Philosophy

We practice from a weight-inclusive, trauma-informed, and social justice lens with an emphasis on non-diet nutrition, fat liberation, intuitive eating, and a Health at Every Size® philosophy.

Therefore, we work with clients as a whole person to provide highly individualized care, as we believe clients are the experts of their own bodies.

We love collaboration and look forward to working as a team. We love to build a team for each client depending on needs and referring a client to us means that we'll be in touch and will work hand in hand with them!

Whether they are suffering from an eating disorder or disordered eating, chronic dieting, or want to explore intuitive eating, body image work, and/or foster a better relationship with movement (physical activity), we’ll do it all together.

Clients we serve

  • Adolescents aged 14 years and older
  • Adults
  • LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent individuals
  • Parents and families

Conditions we treat

  • eating disorders/disordered eating
  • nutrition therapy and mental health therapy for body image concerns
  • Weight inclusive nutrition therapy for chronic conditions, such as PCOS
  • Mental health therapy and/or art therapy specializing in eating disorders, trauma, and co-occurring diagnoses

Pricing and Insurance Information

We accept the following insurances for nutrition therapy services

aetna pennsylvania
bcbs pennsylvania
highmark insurance pa

All mental health therapy services are self-pay.

All services are virtual via telehealth.

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